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Our Mission

We are an investment management and advisory firm specializing in bespoke multi-asset based strategies. We currently advise global investors with a combined multi-billion dollar net worth. Since our founding, our mission has always been the same: To sustain and responsibly grow the wealth of our clients across generations. 

We fully realize the importance of that mission. To successfully fulfill our duties, our experienced team strictly adheres to high standards of ethics and professionalism. 


We take every step possible to craft innovative investment solutions that conform to our clients’ needs, goals, and risk profiles. We also deploy every reasonable measure to guarantee confidentiality and privacy. 


Our services include: 

  • Asset & Liability Advisory

  • Asset Management

  • Financing Advisory

  • Board Representation

  • Succession Governance & Planning

Our Values

At Triatlum, we believe in:


We all succeed together. Our clients deserve unbiased advice on risk and asset management.


Everyone has unique goals. Our clients require an intelligent, individualized approach to achieving their long-term objectives.


Mitigating risk is above all else. Our clients should feel safe that their wealth will be secured for future generations.


We are committed to transparent, ethical, and professional relationships with our partners and clients.


We are all connected. Our community needs support, especially from the privileged few.

Our Team

Our talented team possesses many decades of combined experience with discipline, wisdom, and technical and financial know-how.


Triatlum was founded by a team of professionals with a worldwide, multidisciplinary experience and with the conviction that unbiased, smart and innovative advice was paramount to the ultra high net worth investing community.


With a successful track record of 20+ years at leading financial institutions, the team’s experience is global with leadership roles in private, corporate and investment banking in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Our team sits on various boards, committees and family councils with the sole aim of diligently providing bespoke advice to Triatlum’s global investors. Our CEO’s profile can be found here.

Contact Us

For general inquiries or if you are a product or service provider and you believe you can add value to our clients’ portfolios, please email us at

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