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A Global Boutique

Our solutions revolve around capital preservation coupled with inflation-adjusted long-term growth.
We take a boutique approach to every client, considering their return expectations, aversion to risk, time horizon, liquidity needs, tax profile, and any investment restrictions or unique situations we need to be aware of.


Striving for the best possible outcomes, we tap in-house and external experts. We always ensure to:  


  • Follow parameters in line with a client’s unique profile.


  • Craft sustainable, tested, and adaptable solutions to navigate an ever-shifting world.


  • Offer unbiased, evidence-based advice to produce better results and instill client confidence.


  • Utilize the latest technological tools to build, implement, monitor, and calibrate the best possible asset management strategies.

Risk Management

Our primary purpose is to preserve capital. This means we actively prioritize risk management. 

Known for our boutique approach, we work hard to create detailed yet dynamic risk profiles, enabling us to determine the best possible course of action for each client and in every market environment. 

Our team possesses:


In-depth research and cutting-edge technology to control risk and navigate change and uncertainty.


Decades of experience in managing risk efficiently and objectively.


Customized yet rigorous risk management controls that align with each client’s boundaries and balance risk and return in an optimal manner.

Asset Management

We believe that our approach to asset management is more representative of today’s reality.


Although the old static silo approach of “conservative”, “balanced” or “aggressive” profiles remains a base to most investment managers, it no longer meets the complex and constantly evolving needs of each investor. We measure risk tolerance on a specific case-by-case basis and test a client’s tolerance to historical market shocks as well as projected simulations of potential market disruptions. Only once we have this information do we formulate a tailor-made strategy that our investors can live with.


We limit the worries of asset management by:


Monitoring and documenting our clients’ averseness to specific risk metrics and adapting strategies with them along the way.


Working directly with the banks that are the most suitable for the client’s specific situation. 


Offering a narrow yet specific set of adequate solutions. The broad spectrum of available options can actually be more confusing than anything else. Too much diversification may be counterproductive.


Pragmatically looking at family wealth. We work to meet the goals of every family member by customizing asset management solutions for individual accounts. Having a single strategy for the entire family is inadequate due to the unique profile of every family member.

Note: Triatlum doesn’t sell in-house products and is willing to work with any bank selected by the client. This cements our unbiased and fair approach when advising clients.

Technology Meets Experience

We give our clients a seamless, worry-free investment experience by creating bespoke solutions with the most advanced technology. That is why we are constantly training to improve our mental and technological acumen. 


We secure our clients’ best interests by:


Using high-quality tech tools to develop, implement, track, and adjust investment solutions.


Empowering clients to take control of their financial futures through electronic secure communication, full transparency, and guidance.


Linking our portfolio management systems to the best bank and product platforms in order to obtain live data feeds and respond proactively to the market.


Operating a risk management strategy that not only has built-in controls, but also the flexibility and resilience to navigate through any market situation.

Advisory Panel

We’re building an advisory panel composed of reputable entrepreneurs and impressive minds in various fields. They will assist with guidance, due diligence, and deal flow in their sectors of expertise, helping us improve our investment decisions for our clients. 

Contact Us

For general inquiries or if you are a product or service provider and you believe you can add value to our clients’ portfolios, please email us at

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