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Committed to unequivocal Fiduciary Duty 

At Triatlum, we have framework agreements in place with the leading, most well capitalized international banks. 

Our auditors are PricewaterhouseCoopers. Our data is encrypted and hosted in grade 4 military servers, located in a segregated facility in Switzerland. 

We are a regulated member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, the leading regulatory body which is overseen by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Our experts hold various designations, guaranteeing a constant adherence to the code of ethics and the rules of conduct of prominent institutions such as the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association and  the Swiss Association for Quality to name a few.

Strategy Meets Wisdom

We marry traditional asset management solutions with innovative, customized strategies. This gives us the ability to leverage the latest technology and still offer a human approach. 


Active communication with our clients to guide them through inventive, yet prudent, strategies to achieve their long-term goals.


Portfolio management systems coupled with leading market data platforms to ensure we never miss a beat—and can be proactive at all times.


Due to the personalized nature of our mandates, our advisors often must step in to make adjustments that correlate to the needs and goals of our clients. 


We understand how emotional intelligence impacts investment behavior. Extreme shifts in the markets or the global economy can easily cause panic or doubt, but we remain steadfast, even in the most tumultuous of times.


Because our clients deserve a hands-on, personal approach, we provide constant oversight on their investment strategies for peace of mind, now and always.

Focus On Innovation

We give investors the opportunity to set specific criteria for how their money should be managed. Through innovative, technological solutions, we are able to develop efficient  strategies to manage assets, while meeting our clients’ established criteria.


Data is collected and analyzed through tailor-made automated smart screens. This allows us to discover specific trends and opportunities that fit into the criteria of our strategic investment models.


The opportunity data set collected via our smart screens is used to create algorithms adapted to the various asset classes of our clients’ investment policy statements


Our algorithms send vetted Buy/Sell signals on an automated basis to our portfolio management systems. Any signal that falls outside a client’s specific risk budget is further validated by our team prior to execution.

Contact Us

For general inquiries or if you are a product or service provider and you believe you can add value to our clients’ portfolios, please email us at

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